Sunday 29th December

The Mango Cage

The clock ticks towards another year. Many years ago, time slipped past unnoticed; if ever it was caught in the corner of the eye people would invariably comment on how fast it was sprinting as it disappeared into the distance. People came and went from the apartment all day, there were things to be done, life to be led, mangoes to be eaten.

1983: Bapuji has always been an early riser, beating the sunrise by almost an hour. Ba follows a while later, hauling herself into the waking world by 5.45 every morning. Bharti and Vasant- my parents, Anil and the children are up by 6.30. After getting Nikhil and I ready,  Bharti heads into the small pink-walled kitchen, to find Ba already starting to squeeze fresh lemons for their daily breakfast juice. The two work together to get breakfast ready: hot, sweet chai, bread, ‘sekeli rotli’- freshly baked chapatti-…

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