Grieving for the Other Owen

jamie krug


I have been anxiously awaiting/dreading the premiere of HBO’s “Miss You Can Do It” – a documentary about a beauty pageant for special needs girls that was started by Abbey Curran, Miss Iowa 2008, who herself has Cerebral Palsy.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be seeing or feeling while I watched this – would I be depressed?  Hopeful? Discouraged?

I was certainly emotional – I cried about four minutes in and had all of my mascara completely gone by the halfway mark.

It was, I was, so much more emotional than I had anticipated.  The whole film was remarkable, but one particular quote struck me, and has implanted itself into my head on something of a loop since the evening that I first heard it… A mother was talking about her daughter who was born with Down Syndrome – a diagnosis that was very much a devastating surprise…

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