For Ian: An Ordinary Saturday


One of my readers has commented that my last post, Catwalk on a Dark Continent, differed in tone and content from my usual style.  He felt it had negative overtones rather than the positive approach he associates with my writing.  It got me thinking as I’ve never tried to be either negative or positive.  On Africadayz, my aim has been to keep some sort of record of the times in which I live; the paradoxes, contrasts, tragedies and joys of living in post-apartheid South Africa.  I started writing for myself and for family members abroad, but after a while I loosened the restrictions and ‘put it out there’ in case other ex-South Africans might occasionally enjoy a non-political, very ordinary ‘take’ on what it’s like to be here now.

Perhaps my perceptions are usually positive.  Beauty, as we’re often reminded is in eye of the beholder and I see beauty here, all…

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