The Prom by Joshua Rupp

Cease, Cows

Wake up.

Don’t try to move. You’ve undergone exsanguination.

Exsanguinated. It means the complete removal of blood from the body. Your blood’s been piped out and replaced with saline.

Please don’t be that way.

Pardon? Oh. Well, it’s for research. Of course. For the war effort. You’re actually in one of the nicer wards, I pulled some strings. You should see what they do down the hall, that’s gangrene research. What they do, you see, is they take liquid nitrogen and they…

You know what? Never mind. Let’s talk about pleasant things.

You don’t remember me, do you? I was in Bio 101 with you, back in high school.

I was shy, I almost never spoke to you. Never worked up the nerve, except for that one time. I doubt you remember. Looking back, maybe that’s for the best. Clearly, our politics differ. We probably would never have agreed. Did…

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